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The Four Most Picturesque Places to Visit in Austin

We have immersed ourselves in so many man made beauties and devices that we seem to have completely forgotten about the most creatively and extraordinarily created parts of our world, bestowed on us by Mother Nature.


Austin seems to have received more than their fair share of natural beauty but we are not complaining. If you happen to be in Austin then put aside all distractions and call a Charter Bus Rental Austin. It’s time we breathe some fresh air and bless our eyes with these wondrous beauties:


The Greenbelt:

The beauty of Greenbelt will strike you speechless as soon as you catch its view from your Charter Bus Austin. This place is 809 acres of trails with eye-opening beauty, tall trees and hills and nature’s gifted swimming holes. This place will relax you in way no spa can.


Big Bend National Park:

Big Bend National Park in Austin is highly underestimated. This national park contains unparalleled beauty and consists of as diverse as 1200 species of plants, 56 species of reptiles, 450 species of birds and 75 species of mammals. The beauty of Pine Canyon Fall inside the park is just too divine for words.


The Turtle Pond on the UT Campus:

This turtle pond of UT campus might be an everyday place for the hard working students to relax but for non-students and tourists it is a place to witness the wildlife in Austin.


Gorman Falls:

Gorman Falls is a 60 foot high waterfall, adorned with the bright green colors of natural plants all around however reaching there is a bit of a challenge.  The Austin Charter Bus may drop you as far as possible but from then on it is 1.5 mile long hike and then it’s a 100 yards descent down a rocky path. However, all the hard work is worth it when at last you’ll behold the mighty waterfall before your eyes.


With Charter Bus DC, you and your adventurous troop can visit all the scenic places in Austin. Just inform the Coach Bus Rental Austin prior to your visit and they’ll have a ride arranged for you.


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