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All You Need to Know About Sundance Festival

As we all know that the date of the Sundance Film festival is soon to be released which also mean that you need to take the utmost advantage of all that this auspicious film festival is known for. There are however several things people who are going to be attending the Sundance Film Festival in 2017 need to know and it is our duty to tell them about this event.

The topic of the utmost importance here is the following.


Hot to Get in to Sundance

If you are someone that lives near the area, then you can simply drive up to the venue in a limo from Limousine Service Sterling VA. But for those of you that live quite far, then you must fly into Salt Lake City via a flight which is located about 37 miles away from Park City which is the actual venue for Sundance Film Festival. Once at the airport in Salt Lake City, you can take another limo and drive up to a hotel or a bed and breakfast to relax until the festival begins.


You can also book a limousine early on so that you can enjoy the beautiful city and relax before the festival itself begins. From then on you can use the same rented limo to drive you from your lodgings to Park City. However, if it suits you better, you can change vehicles but take some advice from us, it will cost you way less to keep the same limousine for the whole duration of your stay for the film festival.


Where You Can Stay

Park City is adventurous whether you choose to visit it during winters or during summers. It has one of the finest Ski resorts in the world with tracks that take you right to the Sundance Film Festival. But there is however one short problem that everyone faces when they are trying to find lodging options in Park City during the peak days of the film festival. Since a lot of people are trying to find rooms to rent, there is a severe shortage. If you have already rented rooms for you and your friends prior to the event when rooms were still available then you are good to go but if you are someone that is planning to visit the festival for the very first time and doesn’t know all that much about the struggles everyone faces then this might be a challenge for you.

The reason why we suggest that you overlook trying to find rooms at a hotel is because due to the festival, even if you do happen to find a room that is available, you will not be able to afford it. The best solution for a situation like this is to go with an Airbnb or a home condo. When you choose the latter, you get the better deal out of the festival basically because you save a lot of money. These are also quite quiet for you so that the time that you spend away from the festival in your room, you can actually use for getting some rest. Some Air bnbs also allow you to make your own food if you prefer which means that you won’t have to eat hotel food every day. We cannot tell you how many people returned homesick for their mom’s or wife’s food after festivals such as these. Considering the fact that the Sundance Film Festival is a 2 week-long event, you might want to get your options straight. Whatever you decide, book your transport first with Limousine Service Sterling VA.

Romantic Getaways from the Festival

If you are visiting Park City to attend the Sundance Film Festival with your significant other then we have some good news for you. Park City has some beautiful romantic spots for intimate dinners that you can use for your getaways. The city also offers you a lot of shopping destinations so that you can improvise and shop for more clothes if you feel like the weather is cold enough to wear more layers that you did not bring along with you from home.

Enjoy the Festival with Your Friends

If you are travelling with your friends for this festival then you might want more than just a room but as we said, that would be next to impossible given the situation of a lot of people jamming the hotels books with their advance bookings. In order for you to enjoy yourself to the maximum with your friends, we suggest that you rent a house near the festival that you can easily have all to yourself for the entirely of the Sundance Film Festival.

Get the Most Out of the Festival

If you are someone that is in love with filmmaking and watching films then this festival is the best one you will get to go to all year, but do not be disheartened if you are not a film buff because there is a lot in this festival that you too can enjoy. The Sundance Film Festival incorporates something for everyone so that everyone can enjoy themselves to the fullest which is why they host several discussions as well as panels for everyone to participate in. it has kid’s programs, comedy shows and simply everything ranging in between.

Score Tickets Online

If you have made up your mind to go to Sundance at the last minute then there is a high chance all the tickets are sold out. But don’t let that get you down. You can easily try to get tickets online as some are usually kept aside for situations like these.

Appreciate Fellow Filmmakers

If you are a filmmaker then you must understand how difficult it is to get your film featured in Sundance. It has to go through a thousand different steps and might not always make it through. That is why we urge you that although it might seem easy to sit in a premiere and gush about how you don’t like the film being shown, you must understand what the story behind it is. Many filmmakers make this a way of telling their story to the world. Imagine if someone saw your story and decided it was not good enough for them, that would surely hurt you too. Filmmakers put a lot of effort to put on screen what you see which is why you should appreciate every minute of it and commend their efforts. Try your luck at Sundance Festival and to keep it hassle free, book transportation companies like Limousine Service Sterling VA.

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